The Cell Phone Business: Advertising Through SMS - Gianni Murillo

The Cell Phone Business: Advertising Through SMS

By Gianni Murillo

  • Release Date: 2015-05-19
  • Genre: Marketing & Sales


Social media marketing and email marketing are not only tools for developing your business today. Although, they are the best-known ways that spread the word about your business, there is another way related to technology that helps you in advertising your product and increasing your monthly income easily. You all know this marketing tool, but most of you have probably never thought of it as a tool. It is the cell phone!
Surprised? Well, many of you probably are. Around 99.99% of the world population uses cell phones as a mean of communication. They became the cheapest way of communication, since there have been developed a lot of free applications to install on your cellphones that make talking and sending messages free. Even if you don’t have any application, the monthly cost of having unlimited minutes for talking and unlimited messages is low.
This opened a new opportunity and created a new type of marketing, known as SMS marketing. It is easy to send SMS messages to all of your contacts and customers with just one click. It doesn’t take much of your time and it puts all the information in a few sentences, which doesn’t take time to read.
But, how to start with SMS marketing? It’s simple, start reading this book. It has so much to teach you about SMS marketing and its benefits.
So, let’s start making money from SMS messages!!!