Resume & Cover Letter Tips - Rob John Frank

Resume & Cover Letter Tips

By Rob John Frank

  • Release Date: 2012-09-17
  • Genre: Careers
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This short guide contains 60 resume and cover letter tips. The tips span across the entire job search process, from the start of the job search to the customized cover letter. This book also includes general resume/CV writing advice and specific recommendations about resume wording, organization, and formatting. The tips apply to the CV as well. Excerpts:12. You should have three different versions of your resume: the fancy version (formatted for printing), the copy-and-paste text version (formatted for pasting into website text-boxes), and the complete version (including the salary histories, the phone numbers, and the exact addresses for every position on your resume because some website applications require all of this information)13. If an online application requires that you re-type your entire resume over again into their website, then you must do this if you want to be considered for the position, without skipping any pieces - otherwise, it acts as a filter to disqualify the applicants who didn’t want it bad enough26. More power verbs - advised, assessed, assisted, budgeted, contracted, created, devised, decreased, expanded, fixed, increased, inspected, learned, maintained, managed, met, named, negotiated, participated, planned, promoted, received, reduced, staffed, started, streamlined, taught, tracked, transformed, worked51. Acronyms - do not assume that the reader knows what the letters stand for, so the first time you mention an organization, write it completely out, with the acronym in parentheses, for example, “US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)” - and then you can use the acronym alone54. Customization - use the exact same wording in the cover letter that is in the job post - never send a stock cover letter


  • Resume and Cover Letter Tips

    By stuckon you
    This book is great gives you the fundamentals of what you should include in a resume. The author gives ideas on how to approach the job description with examples of key words to use to describe how you can fill their job description. It informs the prospective employer as to what sets you apart from others and makes you the most qualified applicant.
  • Great tips

    By Delesea Bell
    I read this book because I’m in a mentoring program and our assignment for this week is to redo our resumes and cover letters. This information was very informative as well as my mentor has brushed up on some of the information explained. Some things I did see that were not accurate that my mentor explained. • everything should be in 18 font • name in bold font • cover letter: to whom it may concern should not be used instead use the company name or person for the job you are applying for. • cover letter: introduction should be catchy. Do not explain about “ oh as a young girl I have always dreamed of working here and doing this etc. your will get overlooked with the fact that they have over 200 other cover letters to view. Start by talking about what you can offer for this company. Your skills and why they should choose you for the job.
  • Cheat Sheet for Resumes

    By Nabz87
    Quick and Simple. Rob provides the do’s and dont’s when writing a resume.
  • Thanks

    By jac_aza
    Nice book
  • Great advice

    By Pogo player 197
    This little book was extremely helpful. I haven't had to update my resume in many years and reading this booklet really helped me to find critical errors in my resume and gave me some ideas for writing a cover letter.
  • Concise guide with good tips

    By Melanie E.
    A way to put your resume writing drafts together quickly.
  • Helpful ; )

    By N4nnyGo47
    I’ve been out of the loop for a while It’s good to read and put together things about myself I forgot about ; ) Thank you
  • is free

    By 1462579
    Very little help
  • Resumes

    By iPhone calendar crap
    I found this to be quite informative. However the link provided to the writer for additional help is not functional. So, 4 stars.
  • Resume and Cover letter tips

    By Whoseyurdaddy
    I liked the tips about rich text, but haven't tried yet, I like PDF. I don't agree with ever using "to whom it may concern", I would at least say HR Department and Re: the position. Things have changed over the years and I've learned quite alot lately. But I'd be willing to bet any books authored by this writer would be worth reading.