Break Your Busy - Set Your Creativity Free: Enjoy Better Life and Time Management. Stop Procrastination, Be More Effective. - Richard Conner

Break Your Busy - Set Your Creativity Free: Enjoy Better Life and Time Management. Stop Procrastination, Be More Effective.

By Richard Conner

  • Release Date: 2016-08-28
  • Genre: Management & Leadership


Are you plagued by an inexplicable urge to do more?

Do you continually strive to be more efficient and productive regardless of how effective and meaningful this never-ending churn of Busy Work you keep doing actually is?

Are you always struggling to find the time to change your life so you can enjoy more creative freedom? Are you crying out for better life and time management techniques to help reduce stress and overwhelm to be as productive as humanly possible?

Tools offering only surface-level change aren't the answer. Despite your best efforts superficial quick fixes only provide temporary relief from the high-pressure symptoms of the High Definition Life context you are living and working within.

These pseudo-solutions cannot address the deep-seated source of your problems. They ignore the underlying cause of inner conflict driving the perpetual loop of work for work's sake.

Solely using time management, motivation, and anti-procrastination techniques to help you feel better, less stressed, more purposeful is like trying to keep the rain off with a sieve during a thunderstorm.

You'll get soaked and still be ruled by Busy Work.

When fully connected to your creativity, in whatever form, there is no need for the sticking plaster of better time management. Your Real Work of the moment will be known to you.

Resolving never-ending priority conflicts, being pulled from pillar to post, overworked, and underpaid will become things of the past.

This is one of those books that change you on the inside and the outside:

Identify what Busy Work is for you

Start using simple strategies to eliminate it from your life

Do what you want instead of being forced to do what you don't

Feel more purposeful, fulfilled, and happier

Tune in to your creative instincts, intuition, insights, and intention

Take creative action at home, in relationships, at work, or business

Feel and be more creative, more of the time

In Break Your Busy you'll learn how to:

Eliminate stress, anxiety, and overwhelm

Synchronise your life's work to serve you

Make time to change your life

Achieve more by doing less

Focus on what matters to you most

Be more productive, efficient, and effective

Stop procrastination for good

Consistently reach your goals

Step beyond work-life balance conflict

Nurture greater peace of mind and body

Supercharge your decision-making ability

Enjoy more time and space to be creative

Increase your clarity, confidence, and creative freedom

Maintain a creative state of flow no matter what's happening

Know your purpose in life and the moment

Become increasingly more purpose-driven in life #purposedrivenlife

Navigate change like a ninja

Work on your life instead of just in it

Continually improve your relationships

Feel more connected

Delivers holistic results in all areas of your life.

Break Your Busy - Set Your Creativity Free Contents


01. Busy Work vs Real Work
02. Riding Work Edges
03. Primal Necessity
04. Money, Work and Time
05. The Seven Works


06. Reality Check
07. List Manipulation
08. Experiments in Reductionism
09. Work Vacuum Challenge
10. Expect Inefficiency


11. Ignore Creative Urges at Your Peril
12. Connecting To Your Creative Core
13. Journalistic Intention
14. Continual Idea Generation
15. Being Most Creative

It's time to change life to the better. For more ways to change life visit the author's website.


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